Pixel 3 Greedfall can be challenging at first, but if you heed this advice before playing, you’ll be off to a great start!

In the intriguing action-RPG game Greedfall, which is set in the 17th century, the player is tasked with discovering a new world’s secrets and hidden wealth. While its gameplay will be instantly recognizable to many RPG players, there are several novel ideas that are explored and should be taken into account.

Both novices and seasoned RPG players can benefit from knowing some key strategies for this enjoyable game. Here are some useful pointers for getting started, whether it’s improving your combat skills, learning how to stay out of fights, or developing your character and your squad.

Ben Baker’s April 12, 2021 update Pixel 3 Greedfall:

Pixel 3 Greedfall can be a little challenging for brand-new gamers and those trying out RPGs for the first time. Although practice and familiarity with the game’s fundamentals do help, the first few attempts can be challenging.

The original advice is still valid, but there are some new suggestions that you should seriously take into account. Here are some tips for using new strategies in combat or determining what to grasp onto helpful pointers and advice for beginners.

pixel 3 greedfall

Sneak Attack Groups

Initially, groups of foes might be an issue because they make it difficult to complete some side missions or enter key locations. Then Pixel 3 Greedfall player loses valuable experience and potential riches by just sneaking past them.

One option is to use stealth attacks to eliminate members of the group one at a time. Players should be able to take them down quickly enough to avoid drawing attention because the player takes critical hits when performing sneak assaults. Although tedious and occasionally troublesome, it’s an excellent approach to reducing a large group to a reasonable size.

Hang Onto Faction Disguises

There are numerous factions in the Pixel 3 Greedfall game, and each of them interacts with the player and other factions in unique ways. Some factions will initially like the player more, but as the player makes more choices, they will grow to dislike them and stop allowing them to use their lucrative merchants and other services. When a quest calls you to attend a faction camp that you despise finishing, this can be very challenging.

Do Side Quests First

In this Pixel 3 Greedfall game, it’s really simple to put off side quests. It’s typical for players to put off secondary tasks so they may focus on the main plot and advance. Actually, it’s best to put a stop to the main plot and go for those minor objectives.

The rationale for this is that they often bring perks that make the main story easier. On a forthcoming task, having better equipment, a little extra cash, or even just experience, can make all the difference. The other reason is that after a while, when the player is more powerful, completing side tasks will appear worthless because the rewards are meager. It is better to do them beforehand and save yourself some stress.

Prioritize Magic Healing

In general, magic is a useful tool for both combat and non-combat situations. For a variety of reasons, every construct should employ one or two spells. But Magic Healing should be a top focus for any character, especially new players.

Before the player has accumulated potions or the money to purchase them, healing might be challenging in the beginning. Possessing a healing spell can offer an endless, cost-free supply of healing. It may also heal the entire party when upgraded.

GreedFall Full Specifications


BrandFocus Home Interactive
Price in India₹559
Release date 10th September 2019
PlatformPlay Station 4(PS4)
Game ModesSingle-player
Age Rating (PEGI)18+
PublisherFocus Home interactive

Keep Gear For Future Respecs

But Constantly respecting the character is a good tactic throughout the game. And Different playstyles will become more appealing to players, or some foes will demand a particular strategy. Because of this, it’s crucial to hold onto strong or helpful equipment that might not fit the player’s preferred playstyle.

It’s tempting to sell it so you may immediately purchase more useful items. However, there is nothing more frustrating than respecting a character only to discover that the potent hammer you just sold is now ideal for the new play style.

While you shouldn’t cling to everything, if something seems useful or powerful but isn’t ideal for your current build, you might want to keep it for a later adjustment.

Focus On Endurance

After deciding which of the three archetypes you want to play as you can choose your beginning characteristic. While several of the traits are quite helpful and ought to be a part of your character development, endurance is by far the most useful.

Then Heavy armor is necessary, which is advantageous for melee-oriented characters. It also improves balance so that you can withstand attacks better, and it increases your overall health pool, which is advantageous for all builds. Making this your starting attribute will help you stay alive early on and be helpful throughout the entire game.

Starting Talent

Although there are several abilities that will be helpful for your adventures, it’s strongly advised that you start off with either Vigor or Lockpicking. Vigor is clearly the winner if you intend to fight frequently because it will renew your mana and health points without as much reliance on potions.

Lockpicking will enable you to open chests that may hold useful loot if you like to play a more covert role and steal anything that isn’t bolted down. In the end, you probably want both, but carefully evaluate which one you choose initially based on your playstyle.

Explore All Options

This game does an excellent job of giving the player multiple options for completing a quest or getting through a difficulty level. Although it can’t always be avoided, there are many times when you can talk your way out of a situation or get around obstacles.

The option to use force is always available, of course, but if you’re running low on supplies or health, it might sometimes be advantageous to adopt a more tactical strategy and minimize casualties. It’s likely that you aren’t considering all of your alternatives if you’re having trouble with a particular portion.

Consider Your Words Carefully

In this game, there is a lot of speech, so it’s crucial to listen rather than simply click through. Your words have power, and speaking the incorrect thing might damage your reputation among other factions or personalities.

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Many characters also have helpful information that you and your team might use. So, Pay attention to what you say and what is being said because communication can provide answers to quests, campfires, strong equipment, or points of interest.

Be Curious

A weird and fascinating place filled with monsters, magic, natives, untold treasures, and perhaps the solution to a terrible plague awaits your character’s arrival there. You may be sure that spending the time to learn more about this world and being a little interested will be quite beneficial.

Even though it’s not technically an open-world game. There are still a lot of things you’ll miss if you don’t occasionally veer off the usual route. You never know when you’ll come into a treasure box with just. what you need inside or a fun side quest that can help you build relationships with various factions.

Take Relationships Seriously

Building and maintaining relationships with your companions is essential. Because it is highly advised that you do not travel into these unfamiliar lands without someone to keep an eye on you. To maintain a strong relationship, choose someone who shares your aims and aspirations and check in with them sometimes.

It’s crucial to take into account your affiliation with the group of your choice. And It’s crucial to remember to finish their objectives or think about how your choices will affect your ranking. Not that you can’t go against the grain; just be mindful of the effects.

Fight In The Arena

Going to the arena for some grinding is a fantastic way to get experience and a useful weapon for you or a buddy if you find that you are under-leveled for a region or simply need to improve your combat abilities. But The Champion of the Arena quest line includes a stop at the arena, which is situated in New Serene.

There are several rounds that may be finished at your convenience. And are a good method to occasionally raise your levels. Although it is two-handed and demands high agility. Winning the competition will reward you with a powerful sword; it is up to you to decide whether this is worthwhile.