Pixel 3 Greedfall can be difficult, but if you take this advice into consideration before playing, you’ll be off to a terrific start!
The player of the intriguing action-RPG game Greedfall, which takes place in the 17th century, is entrusted with learning the secrets and hidden riches of a new planet. While many RPG gamers will recognize its gameplay right away, there are a number of innovative concepts that are explored and should be taken into consideration.

Some essential tactics for this fun game can be useful for both new and seasoned RPG gamers. Here are some helpful starting points, whether it’s honing your combat abilities, learning how to avoid conflicts, or creating your team and character.

Update from Ben Baker for April 12, 2021 Pixel 3 Greedfall:

For new players and those trying out RPGs for the first time, Pixel 3 Greedfall may be a touch difficult. The first few tries can be difficult but practice and familiarity with the game’s fundamentals certainly assist.

The initial counsel is still sound, but there are some fresh ideas that you should really consider. Here are some recommendations and advice for beginners on how to use new fighting methods or decide what to hold onto.

The Best Greedfall Armor and Where to Find It in Pixel 3 Greedfall:

A pair of Major’s Collard Doublets Take charge and enter a war

Because it can be acquired quite early in the game and provides a base armor boost of 156 for the entire set, the Major’s armor is a fantastic set of armor (Armor, gauntlets, and boots). But to utilize it, you do need a 2 in endurance. Although it only provides the armor bonus, it is still a fantastic set.

The Major armor set is great becauseā€¦

  • provides a strong armor bonus (156 bases)
  • Obtainable rather early in the game.

Obtaining the Major set in Pixel 3 Greedfall:

You must go to the Hot Springs of Magasvar and win the Vale of the Great fight to obtain the armor and gauntlets. After you vanquish the guardian, will discover a dead coin guard with armor, gauntlets, and a key on him. You take the key to the wooden tower by the outpost of the alliance. To obtain the remaining pieces of the set, you ascend to the tower’s summit and unlock a chest.

The Warrior King attire collection

Fit for a king’s armor

The Warrior King set is rather simple to obtain and is available fairly early in the game. It provides nearly the same total benefit (158) as the Major set, but it is superior because there is no need for endurance; you can put it on right away. It also provides excellent resistance to toxins and elements.

Why the attire of The Warrior King is fantastic

  • wonderful armor bonus (158 bases)
  • has no demand for endurance
  • provides resistance against poison and elements.

How to obtain the whole costume of The Warrior King:

To obtain the boots and the gloves, head west from Vigyigidaw village in Cerghanes. There is a route that leads through a tunnel; continue on the path until you locate the chest. You must vanquish a guardian in order to obtain the armor. You must kill the guardian in Steiger Flag at the Rocky Steps before you can take the armor out of the chest.

The merchant prince outfit of armor

Punt them in the half with style. The Merchant Prince armor is the third set on the list; it is superior to both of the previous armor sets and, if you have all three pieces, provides a total of 189 base armor bonus. Thankfully, you receive all three pieces from this set at once. Additionally, I think this set looks the best out of all the sets on the list in terms of style.

pixel 3

Why the armor set for Marchant Prince is fantastic

Wonderful armor bonus (189 bases)

  • To utilize all three parts, you still only need a level 2 endurance.
  • At the same moment, you receive all three components.
  • the extravagant, fashionable set

How to gain the Merchant Prince armor set:

You must travel to Wenshaganaw, The Singing Waters, to obtain this set of armor. The guardian will undoubtedly be waiting to beat you up off the trodden path in a wooded location. You need to level up a little before you encounter him because he’s a fairly tough one (level 17 or so).

After you vanquish the guardian, you must locate the dead body of a merchant who was there during the guardian’s battle. Once you have the key, head to the nearby river and follow it north until you come to a chest, which contains the Merchant Prince’s set.

The set of commander armor in Pixel 3 Greedfall

The Commander’s armor set does have the highest base armor bonus in the game (total of 242 bases), but using it necessitates five endurance points, which is a serious drawback. In all honesty, Saint Matheus set, which only needs 4, is simpler to use. But it is a fantastic legendary set of armor and has the best armor benefit. It may not be available until much later in the game, but it is still worthwhile.

Reasons to love the Commander Armor set

  • Best in-game armor bonus (242 bases)
  • You receive the whole set in one place.
  • No guardian battle necessary to obtain it

How to obtain the set of Commander Armor in Pixel 3 Greedfall

You must finish Kurt loyalty quest with the coin guard to obtain this set. You can locate a chest with the entire set within it in a coin guard warehouse in San Matheus. If you have level 3 lockpicking, you can pick the lock; otherwise, you must finish Kurt’s entire quest line with the coin guard in order to obtain the key.

Set of Saint Matheus armor

Although the Saint Matheus set’s base armor bonus of 241 is not the biggest in the Pixel 3 Greedfall game, it is nonetheless fantastic. Despite the fact that there is armor with a better armor bonus, this armor just requires a 4 on endurance and has magic resistance, which is fantastic.

The merits of Saint Matheus Armor:

  • Need only 4 endurance garments
  • wonderful armor bonus (241)
  • has a magical resistance built in.

How to obtain a set of Saint Matheus armor

You must travel to Vedvilvie to obtain this armor. During the Footsteps of Saint Matheus’s quest in the Origins of Theleme quest, a cave is discovered. That cave contains armor.