Break free from Tarkov Guide for The Extortionist Quest
To finish The mission in Escape from Tarkov The Extortionist, heed this advice.

When you achieve Level 7 in Escape from you can begin Tarkov The Extortionist, one of the game’s most profitable quests. The NPC Skier, who can be found on the Customs map, will give you this quest. You can use the advice in this guide to finish The Extortionist quest.

You must return to Skier with a valuable item of cargo—a safe case for documents—in order to complete the task. By doing this, you will receive money, experience points, and weapons as payment.

How to completeTarkov The Extortionist Quest

Discover the body,

The messenger who received the case of the documents is now, presumably, deceased. Therefore, you must locate his body first by taking the following actions:

  • To access the eastern side of the Customs map, use the bridge.
  • As you approach the RUAF Roadblock, turn south.
  • Find the body of the messenger north of the roadblock.

The red marker on the map designates the position of the RUAF Roadblock. The blue marker designates the messenger’s body.

You need to look around the body for a key once you find it. Take the key, then go to the following action.

Obtain the Priceless Cargo

The green marker on the map shows the location of the secure case, which is concealed within the messenger’s cabin.

But To access the case containing the documents, use the key to unlock the cabin. Return the case to Skier.

You will receive the following items as payment for doing The Extortionist quest:


3,200 XP
Rep Skier +0.08
Dollars 500
VEP RKM rifle
Izhmash AK magazines, 3

That is all there is to the quest in the Escape from Tarkov The Extortionist game. For more

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You will require the Unknown Key for this quest since you must open one of the metal shacks on Customs. Since the Unknown Key is a component of the quest, let’s find the messenger body to see if he still has it. Then Near the opening in the wall between the garages and crackhouse,And he is concealed in a bush. 

Once you’ve taken his riches, turn east and grab the mysterious key. In order to turn the electricity on, you must get to the nearby, spacious, open parking lot. The Unknown key can be used to open a metal shed that is outside.

A article of clothing can be found on the floor if you unlock the door and enter the room. The priceless cargo is right underneath it. See the illustration below:

In the end Make sure to extract the item without dying once you’ve picked it up. Good luck

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