We’re glad to have you and to have you join the Arknights. We need to dispel several presumptions you might have from playing other games that probably won’t apply to Arknights before we move on:

If you devote all of your resources to advancing a single unit to Elite 2 level 90, you won’t be able to complete even the easiest of stages. This game contains more characters than players, therefore you must level all of your characters equally.

A summary of the Arknights.

Arknights is a real-time strategy tower defense game. You should be playing this game right now because it is the ideal starting rate-up game. Players frequently steer clear of rate-up games because they believe them to be inherently exploitative. Predatory refers to the idea that the game gives players the impression that they must pay in order to either enjoy it to the fullest or to be counted among the finest players in the neighborhood.

Arknights is a complex tower defense RPG, unlike other gacha game series you may be familiar with. There are no PVP elements in the game. It is not required to compare this game to others because it is an adventure you create for yourself.

Use the New Player Arknights Banner.

We adore Arknights’ extremely tolerant Gacha system, which treats F2P gamers like babies. For instance, each new member has access to a unique banner that may be used to create a squad with 21 pulls. The “unique” aspect of the banner is that it promises at least one 6-star and one 5-star operator for less money than the average pull.

You’ll have enough Orundum and Orgonite Prime once you finish the first lesson section, so you should deplete the 21 pulls first. You can get a decent notion of what you should prioritize after using this banner before investing resources in characters and before using Orundum on other pulls.

You have the option to re-roll your account at this time, but you are not required to. All of the 6-star characters in the New Player Banner are outstanding. And can help you complete the majority of the early tasks.

Next, choose a 5-Star Character.

You’ll see some treats waiting for you in the Mail when it becomes available on your account. One of them is a 5-star Operator Exchange Voucher that all players received as part of a prize for reaching 1,000,000 worldwide pre-registrations. With the voucher, you can choose from four incredible characters: Projekt Red, Pramanix, Liskarm, and Silence.

Since all four operators are excellent in their respective responsibilities, making a decision is challenging. If you have a favorite character, you should choose them without a doubt. But if you’re trying to optimize utility, you should use all other pulls first and select the character who can most effectively fill the gaps on your new squad. Projekt Red is a great option, for instance, if you’re short on assassins.

Arknights Recruit new characters from the database

It’s time to start looking for more dependable ways for F2P players to acquire new characters now that you’ve completed the 21 New Player pulls. Your new best buddy will consequently be the hiring procedure.

So long as you consistently max out the recruitment duration and choose a strong set of (complementary) qualities. This method should allow you to find 5- and 6-star operators. In reality, with a few exceptions, recruitment is the only way to find an operator in the game. Simply get their characteristics correct.

By finishing the story Arknights, you can access new features.

You should finish the story tasks as quickly as you can for a number of reasons. For instance, throughout the instructional missions, you’ll learn a few new operators. And gain familiarity with the various classes and their fundamental roles.

By completing these objectives, you’ll be able to access crucial features that will expand your game options. Missions 0-2 and TR-5 give you access to two recruitment slots, 0-10 and 0-11 give you access to the shop and base, respectively, while mission 0-2 gives you entrance to the shop. Both Missions 1-1 and 1-5 are important since they respectively unlock the Control Center 2.0 and the Operation of Annihilation.

Make each upcoming banner ready

The Arknights gacha system is set up to ensure a 5-star or above operator for the first 10 pulls of any new banner. Players can regularly acquire high-ranking characters. Banner replaces about every two weeks, assuming they save often.

Any standard banner will cost you 6000 Orundum to buy a 10xPull, so keep some on hand at all times. the premium currency in Arknights, corundum maybe acquire to let you gain the rare character on each new banner for nothing. But more on it in our guide to shopping and currencies.

Assemble a Core Team…

The best thing about Arknight’s fighting system is that, in the right situations, any character—even one of a lower rarity—can contribute significantly. Each operator has a special set of talents and aptitudes that may come in handy at some moment.

However, for most of your regular matches, you’ll probably deploy a “core” team. Typically, this squad consists of 1-2 Defenders, 2 Casters, 2 Medics, 2 Snipers, and 2 Vanguards. Make spending decisions with your EXP cards using this information.


However, Special Missions Should Be Avoided

You’ll need to modify your tactics and crew in order to complete some missions with a 3-star rating. No matter how skilled your “core” operators are, if they lack the necessary skills, they won’t be able to repel the enemy’s assault.

For instance, in some missions, you can come under attack from swift attackers who charge at your tower from various directions. In this scenario, blocking the initial offensive might require more than two Vanguards. Other missions may pit you against high DMG minions that Defenders can stop, aerial troops that Rangers can stop, hordes of units that AoE Casters can stop, high armor units that Arts Damage dealers can stop, and more. Observe, plan, and adjust.

Start by concentrating on unit statistics

In Arknights, there are numerous ways to upgrade an operator, but before you can gather the appropriate materials, you must prioritize basic leveling and stat enhancement. The only resource you can access early on is EXP cards.

For instance, in some tasks, the fast game may attack you. Use them without hesitation since, without them, your operators won’t be able to repel hostile assaults.

It’s a good idea to distribute EXP equally across your main team members. Damage dealers, who are eligible for a little increase in EXP, as well as healers. who require less EXP to become skilled, can both obtain a small exception.

With these hints and techniques under your belt, you ought to be able to glide through the first few Arknights levels. And assemble a respectable team for the middle of the game. The main objective of playing is to have fun, But you don’t want to make early mistakes that could hurt you later on. You won’t experience any stress if you follow the instructions provided here.