Cheesy Escape Roblox Maze lets you get out of the maze and secure cheese.

Cheese Escape is the next thrilling horror game to hit Roblox, landing over 9.2 million visits since its creation in March 2020. This guide will show you how to navigate the maze safely, get the cheese, and escape to freedom while successfully staying away from the rat.

What is Cheese Escape?

The producer of the popular Roblox horror game Roblox Cheese Escape claims that you must “survive from a harmless rat” while gathering cheese keys and resolving riddles in a cheese-themed maze.

The following steps will help you obtain the first key and the first several cheese slices:

Cheesy Escape

When the entrance initially opens, enter the maze Cheesy Escape immediately.

  • Turn right again and collect the cheese from the table after passing the green cheese and exiting the safe zone (a transparent green wall). Continue straight to the farthest wall.
  • In order to get the next piece of Cheesy Escape from the table, walk back and turn left until you pass the locked red door. Then, make a sharp right in the following hallway and squeeze through a small opening.
  • Once you notice a small opening on the right, continue walking down the hallway. Enter there, take the third slice of cheese, and then turn right down the hallway. straight ahead down the corridor, taking
  • on your way to the key and ladder on the right, the fourth piece of cheese.
  • Before climbing to the second level, be sure to get the green key that is next to the ladder.
  • Congrats! Since you have the green key, you can unlock the green locked door.

Gather the Red Key (And More Cheese)

  • The following key and a few pieces of cheese can be obtained by following these steps:
  • Continue straight until you find the green door at the end of the grey hallway, then turn around and descend back into the Cheesy Escape maze. Click on the door to unlock it, and then enter by using your green key.
  • A keypad and numbers on the wall are there in the closed chamber where you will find yourself. The code, which unlocks the door, is “3842,” when read from bottom to top.
  • Till you reach the finish, continue along the grey hallway. Here, you’ll find cheese, soda, and a red key. You’ll find yourself back in the room if you consume all three, saving the cheese for last.
  • the maze of cheese.
  • The red key can now be used to open the red door.
Cheesy Escape

Grab the Blue Key (And More Cheese)

  • The following key and a few pieces of Cheesy Escape can be obtained by following these steps:
  • Enter the maze by slipping past the safe area. Continue to the left until you come to the red door, then enter and take the piece of wood inside.
  • Keep to the right as you reenter the maze and exit through the green door using the green key.
  • You can exit the hallway to the right at the end, and the following chamber contains a little hobby. Take the cheese at the end after carefully navigating the hobby.
  • After that, leave through the white door.
  • You will find yourself on the second level of the planks-and-cheese maze. Set the down
  • Put the wood you previously took down before moving over and grabbing the blue key.
  • Currently, you can open the blue door.
Cheesy Escape

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From the Cheesy Escape Maze (And Find the Last Pieces of Cheese)

  • To collect the remaining Cheesy Escape pieces and get out of the maze, perform these steps:
  • Quickly make your way through the maze until you reach the ladder and green key. Enter the room on the right after climbing the ladder. Take the following slice of cheese and exit through the blue door with the blue key at the end of the hallway.
  • Pick up the following slice of cheese in the next chamber, then push the green button. After that, enter the cheese maze and follow the cable that is going through the ceiling. This will open the door to the exit and direct you to the last slice of cheese.
  • Once you’ve taken the cheese, turn around and walk along the right side of the room. After passing the red door and continuing down the hallway, turn right through the next small doorway, and then turn right through the white exit.
  • Congrats,
  • You completed the maze.


The Cheese Escape has several exciting moments, including navigating the maze while evading a big rat and gathering all the pieces to ultimately escape.

Have you yet to play? How do you feel about this game? We sincerely hope you found this advice useful!