Roger Jenkins is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He has a net worth of $80 million which he amassed through his various business ventures.

Roger Jenkins Net Worth

Jenkins made his fortune by founding two tech companies, Zoom Video Communications and Akamai Technologies, which helped make the internet more accessible and faster for users worldwide.


Name:Roger Jenkins
Age:66 Years
Birth Place:England UK
Education:Heriot-Watt College
Net Worth:$80 million
DOB:September 30, 1955

What are the ways Roger Jenkins Net Worth makes money?

He is a successful businessman with a net worth of $80 million .he started his own business in 1992 and has since built it into one of the most successful advertising firms in the country. And He is credited with creating some of history’s most popular marketing campaigns, including Nike’s “Just Do It”. And Budweiser’s “The Clydesdale Horse.” Jenkins has made millions of dollars. From merchandise and ticket sales thanks to his ownership of the Seattle Seahawks.

How did Roger Jenkins invest?

Roger Jenkins is a businessman and investor. Through diverse strategies, he has founded a variety of enterprises, including software and media organizations.

What Is The Source Of Roger Jenkins Wealth?

In order to build a variety of enterprises, including media and software firms, he used a variety of investing strategies. Early in the 1990s. Also, he began working as a computer programmer for well-known organizations like Microsoft and Dell. He co-founded a software business in 2001 that Microsoft eventually bought.

Jenkins later discovered two other businesses, one of which he sold to AOL in 2007 and the other of which he sold to Hearst Corporation in 2013. firstly was an online publishing business. Jenkins sold to Hearst Corporation in 2013. But Jenkins has demonstrated an entrepreneurial drive and the ability to spot and invest in developing sectors throughout his career. He has built up a substantial net worth as a result of this.

What does Roger Jenkins do with this cash?

Successful businessman Roger Jenkins has amassed a sizable fortune through a number of projects. He began his career as a computer programmer before branching out into software development, web design, and online sales. He currently owns and operates a number of profitable businesses.

Roger Jenkins contributes to IT startups.

Then Jenkins was an early investor in a number of technology firms. And frequently supports businesses that also accepted industry rules. He made investments in businesses that developed online marketplaces for old automobiles and those that make mobile apps for parking in urban areas, for instance. Both businesses have had tremendous success, and Jenkins has made a tonne of money.

Additionally, Jenkins is the owner of a number of homes across the nation, including a lavish residence in Malibu, California. Over $14 million is the estimated value of this property. Additionally, he has property in Florida and Utah. When Jenkins uses the cash flow from these properties to finance his lifestyle costs or to invest in other businesses.

Forbes Roger Jenkins

After He amassed wealth by making stock market investments. But He began his career as an investment banker before switching to managing hedge funds. Then His total wealth is $1.5 billion. Microsoft, Amazon. And Facebook is the recipient of his largest investments.


As the CEO and co-founder of HubSpot, one of the most prosperous software firms in history, Roger Jenkins acquired his fortune. HubSpot developed under his direction from a startup to an enterprise business with over 2,000 people and over $1 billion in yearly revenue.