Kelly Preston and John Travolta are also Scientologists. Following the 2010 earthquake, Travolta flew a jet to Haiti with aid workers, medical professionals, and supplies. The former actor-turned-pilot appears to like both careers: “Now, in addition to acting, I’ve made flying my profession. It’s something to do while you’re not working at my age “.

The home of John Travolta is an airport.
One of the first couples to buy property in the Jumbolair Aviation Estates, the residential airpark where they stay, was John Travolta and his wonderful wife Kelly Preston. Actor John Travolta enjoys flying and is a licensed private pilot.

He owns five aircraft and an incredible 16-car garage, so it seems sensible that his home has two runways that lead to his front door. John Travolta told Australia’s “Today” program, “We designed the house for the jets and to have the world at our fingertips at a moment’s notice, and we succeeded at that.

When asked why there is a motif of airplanes around his home, John Travolta replied, “I fell in love with aviation when I was five years old. This runs in my family. According to Kelly Preston, John had always wanted to have jets in his front yard, practically able to pull up to the house, so that all someone had to do to leave for dinner was walk out the door, board the aircraft, and take off.

You can be the ultimate oddball, like I am, and bring in a Boeing 707, but you can also bring in any corporate jet or airliner, John Travolta continued. Despite having a 7,500-foot runway on the site, Travolta expanded the taxiway to reach the home.

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Actor John Travolta describes the Florida property as “I can’t call it modern; it’s actually a midcentury-style mansion.” According to designer Sherri James, “John had a picture of how he wanted everything to be.” “We basically put his ideas into practice.”

Since 2002, Travolta has served as an “ambassador-at-large” for Qantas, and he has his own Boeing 707 in the yard of his house in Florida. When Travolta obtained his pilot’s license and flew a Qantas 707 to Sydney to advertise the 2001 film Swordfish, his association with Qantas officially began.

“I’ve actually been able to run both my personal and professional life out of this place. Regarding the realization of my own personal dreams, these have been the best years. being a part of an airline and the aviation industry on a scale comparable to Qantas.

Panoramic views from John Travolta house at the airport

John Travolta house

Early on, Travolta developed a lifelong fascination with aircraft. And by the age of 22, he had earned his pilot’s license. He realized his lifelong desire of housing planes in his yard, and the home is decorated with references to aviation. Stepping inside Travolta’s interior is like entering the 1960s Pan Am period with style and refinement.

According to Architectural Digest, the “Gotti” actor himself created the floor of the entrance hall. Which is centered with a stunning nautical compass picture. A large wood cabinet in the hallway also has a variety of model airplanes on show in it.

How it’s like to stay at John Travolta opulent airport home

Architectural Digest claims that despite having architectural blueprints that were developed over a six-year period. The actual building only took two years to complete. The house unquestionably extends the invitation to fly in the blue skies.

Just like in the breathtaking formal dining room from the 2002 movie “Catch Me If You Can.” The room is magnificent, With a sizable mural. Sandra Hilliard was created based on a 1937 “Fortune” magazine advertising depicting a 1950s family waiting at the airport.

John Travolta house view

There are two primary kitchens: one for daily meals and the other for light fare. According to images posted on Instagram, one has an open concept, floating wood shelves. White walls with a yellow divider wall, and grey countertops with handleless cabinetry.

The master suite features a variety of connecting bedrooms and baths. As well as an elegant crème-colored curtain fabric by Pindler and Pindler. Brown wood cabinetry and rose gold-colored carpeting create a cozy and peaceful retreat.

With marble flooring, a floating double sink, translucent shower tiles, and a framed “Pulp Fiction” poster on the wall. The master bathroom is stylish and contemporary. Pilots and visitors can rest in the roomy guest house and the bed and breakfast accommodations. Wherever Travolta flies, his cabin will be there Ella (22) and Benjamin (12) are roommates on board. And the landing spot is comfortable.

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