Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Big is one of the many ingredients you’ll need in Little Alchemy 2 to create a wide range of other things. Fortunately for you, even for novice players, getting this item is not too difficult.

Ways to Create Big

In Little Alchemy 2, there are various formulas that will produce Big Little Alchemy 2:. But because Big is a basic element as well, you will definitely be able to unlock it once a specific amount of combinations have been made.

Cosmos plus philosophy

Universe and Philosophy

Cosmological Plus Philosophical

Philosophy and the Solar System

Sun plus philosophies

Earth plus philosophy

total 150 combinations

Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Big

The quickest approach to get to Big Little alchemy 2 is to merely mix 150 different other things to get to this milestone. Making one Philosophy combined with one Planet is the other simplest technique to make it.

  • To create land, first, combine Earth and Earth.
  • Land and land combined will result in a continent.
  • Creating a Planet by combining two Continents.
  • A puddle is created when two liquids are combined.
  • Then combine two Puddles to create a Lake.
  • An atmosphere is created when the planet and air are combined.
  • A cloud is created when the atmosphere and water are combined.
  • Fire added to Fire will result in energy.
  • Light adds to energy will result in cloud.
  • Then, combine Lake and Lightning to create Life.
  • Animals are create by Life and Land.
  • A bird is create when an animal meets air.
  • An Egg is create by a Bird and a Bird.
  • Together, Earth and Water will result in mud.
  • You are made of Lava by Earth and Fire.
  • Stone will be create when air and lava combine.
  • Then, to create Clay, combine Stone with Mud.
  • A human will be create from clay and life.
  • Domestication will occur between a human and an animal.
  • Domestication plus a bird results in a chicken.
  • Philosophy is created by adding chicken and eggs.
  • The final step combines Planet and Philosophy to create Big.

Recipes that Require Big in Little Alchemy 2

These are the recipes that require Big as an ingredient.

Recipe Name

Big + Explosion

Atomic Bomb
Big + Snow

Big + Car

Big + Village

Big + Cat

Big + Earth
Big + Hill
Big + Grass

Big + Stream

Big + Bird