Sound Ls31 Wireless is a high-quality investment if you’re looking to play your chosen video games without being tethered to your pc or console with the benefit of using wires and without spending loads of greenbacks on the excessive-give tool even used often. While the headset could, in all likelihood, no longer have the very good fidelity sound with inner the sector, it’s a long way higher than something else you can get at this charge factor, and it’s pretty cushty and light-weight so you won’t thoughts carrying lucid Sound Ls31 WIFI headset for hours at a time!

The sound Ls31 Wireless WIFI headset:

The lucid Sound Ls31 wifi headset is a brilliant gaming headset that offers incredible sound and comfort. It’s properly appropriate for the Nintendo transfer, pc, and mobile devices, making it a great choice for any gamer. Further, the exceptional creation is remarkable, and the battery lifestyle is amazing.

The satisfactory drawback is that the mic can be higher. However, the sound Ls31 Wireless is an extremely good gaming headset and a massive investment for any gamer. It has awesome sound top-notch, capabilities compatibility with all of your gadgets, and consists of a protracted-lasting battery.

Is Lucid Sound a terrific headset?

Is proper Lucid Sound ls31 wi-fi a brilliant headset? I might say sure. It’s less expensive, lightweight, and feels long-lasting. But, on the other hand, the excellent sound isn’t as precise as some of the opposite headsets to be had within the marketplace.

I anticipate that it is a great gaming headset for the charge variety at approximately USD 80-ninety. Its sounds are made with comfortability in mind. It comprises easy ear pads products made of faux leather-based-primarily based and foam. And don’t fear in case you get sweaty ears due to the reality they have an airflow gadget to maintain your ears cool. They additionally have an adjustable scarf, so it’ll suit all configurations and dimensions of heads.

Layout & creation: Lucid Sound ls31 wireless

You may have a look at it on your console of desire, laptop, or maybe mobile devices, which incorporates capsules and smartphones. Of path, this flexibility has a few obstacles. But, this headset is right for pastime fanatics looking to spend coins on a prolonged-time-length piece of tool. One end is that at the same time as it’s going to paintings with consoles, you received’t can utilize their chat function. Another hassle is that all the controls (mute button, extent) have access through windows settings, going to snapshots on desktops. All one-of-a-kind hints are made via buttons role on the earcups.

Sound exceptional:

The Lucid Sound Ls31 wireless gaming headset is exceptional funding for any gamer. It might be very comfy to wear, has a superb distinctive sound, and is easy to install and use. The quality disadvantage is that its miles are a chunk costly; however, the product makes up for the price flawlessly. I propose this headset to any gamer looking for a top-notch wireless alternative—the Lucid Sound LS31 wi-fi gaming headset.

We began with our favorite recreation in my residing room on my PS4. He mounted the USB transmitter, plugged one of the included USB twines into it, and then introduced the alternative stop into my controller. After plugging in every earbud, he switched the strength button on each piece – they came on properly now and without trouble.

Can you join Lucid Sound on your phone?

Sure, you are a part of sound Ls31 Wireless Wi-Fi in your telecellsmartphone. But, in case you need to endeavor in your laptop or Mac and want to take calls for your telecellsmartphone concurrently. Then you can additionally moreover plug the micro-USB cord into your console controller, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or ps Vita, and it’s going to artwork wirelessly.

The rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours in keeping with the price, that’s best for even you’re gaming marathon classes. Moreover, the headphones are so lightweight I barely word them while playing; that’s notable because of the reality they don’t get with the internal manner of my gameplay. And, super of all, the first-rate sound is extraordinary!


I appreciate that this product has become happy meet for each Xbox One and PlayStation four. It also item an inline operate panel with a bug so that you may take calls without dot your gameplay. The bug is also quick, so you could make it short and mute while important.